Two excited travelers

Going into the unknown

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Elske and I decided to quit our day jobs to travel the world and the first time is always the hardest.

When we decided that we going to do this we started doing research were we want to start and what we going to do. We came across thousands of pages stating were we can go and what we can do.

We made the choice to start in Thailand (The land of smiles).


Every piece of research we have done made traveling sound so good that we keep getting more excited.

The scary part was the booking of the flights. When that was done there was no turning back.

A few people try to scare us by telling us how bad Thailand is and what can happen to us. We noted that but it didn’t scare us and won’t stop us from doing what we always wanted.

We had 1 month to save every penny we have and to do what we still have to before we leave.

The closer the time got the shorter the days become. At some point we thought we never will get to organize everything in time. But eventually we got it all done with two days remaining.

In my eyes we really cut it close with timing, you shouldn’t leave everything for the last few days and think you still have a lot of time. Planning and to do everything takes a lot of time and patience. Do not hassle into things as everything will costs much more. Take a little more time and do some more homework and you will find yourself a better deal and offer.

Now that we are out of the 9 to 5 rat race we can began to explore new possibilities.

Now the real excitement begins…


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There is no right way to say goodbye, it always turnout tears in the end.

I have always wonder how I would say goodbye to my friends and love-ones if I had to travel the world and never figured out the right way to do it.

Now that the time has arrived I gave it a bit more thought and realize no matter how I do it this will always ends the same.

I tried to say goodbye in a few ways and it is as follows.

  • I said goodbye just by phone and it felt bad and it hurt just not to see my friends face to face.
  • I tried to spend the last hours with some work colleagues and it hurt to know I will not see them the next day and it feels that I have let them down.
  • Organize a nice barbeque with my nephew and niece and had a sleep over and still, the moment I left it hurts my feelings to know that now I’m leaving them behind.
  • I spend a weekend with my family (mom, brother and girlfriend) and some of time with my sister and we had a lovely time together and still it felt that I needed more time. There was so much to be done in so little time. And when it was time to say goodbye, that pain in my throat came back and I couldn’t talk much, just then I realize I’m not going away forever.


  • The last weekend I have spent with some of my best friends and we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the visit knowingly that this is our last weekend together. I could see pain in their eyes and how sad they were. I made every moment count to have as much fun with them that I can. And in the end it all came to tears again.

So no matter where you say goodbye or the time and days you spend together, it always hurt in the end.

If you wonder what is the right way to say goodbye? The answer is:  all you have to do is to show love and kindness and have fun while there is still time.


Have you ever wonder how to say goodbye to your friends and love-ones?

Please feel free to share your story with us.

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Their is no better feeling than to know someone want to join you in your dream. I told everyone what I want to do in my life, to travel the world and most of them said its a crazy idea. I thought I would have to this all by my self but my partner came to me and said she will do this with me. To quit our jobs and to get out of this 9 to 5 rat race. I was so relieved to hear that someone will join me on my quest. Just there the fear of loneliness died.

In words this sound so easy “To quit my job and go travelling”, but in reality it is a very difficult decision to make. We are so used to the 9 to 5 system and to the security in your life by having a job. To make a life change like this takes a lot of courage. I have spend days in front of a mirror, practicing how to quit my job and to explain why I do it.


When the day arrived, When I felt this is the day, today I must do it and get it over with. I was so stressed and worried when I walked in to my boss office, with my written resignation. I totally forget my whole speech that I practiced for a whole week. I just told him out of my heart how I felt and what I want to do in life and that was it. It felt like a mountain was lift of my shoulders. So I quit my job and still haven’t plan anything of my travels and neither bought any of the travel gear I need.

My partner (Elske) and I quit our jobs on the same day, so now with every free time we have, we do research online of what we need and what we have to do to start our quest.

This is when we decided to begin this blog to put all our experiences we have onto this blog, to show what mistakes we make and how we learn from our mistakes.

My Partner (Elske) will post her experiences in the next post, how she started to take this seriously.

We really don’t know much about traveling, so if you have advise, please feel free to share it with us as we will need all the advise to make this work.

Have you ever practice a speech “how to quit your job”, knowing you don’t have a second job waiting for you when you walk out of the door? And was it as stressful like it was for me?  If so please feel free to share your experiences.



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One Thought Can Determine Your Life


A thought is a powerful image that the heart and the brain share. Once you have the thought it is hard to ignore it.

My (Marius) story begins with just one thought, a thought that leads to a dream at night and the dream that becomes my imagination. And hopefully the imagination becomes my life.

If a thought makes me happy and it makes me feel free should I ignore it? Or should I make it part of my life? I have a busy life and don’t have time for imaginations, thought and dreams but out of nowhere I found myself completely switched off, thinking of the one thought I would never expect will cross my mind in my life time. The thought contains only one word that can changed my life forever.


When I first thought of it I think by myself its madness and it will never work in my lifestyle. Then it was that wonderful dream that followed that night the dream wasn’t something awesome or stunning, it was about me and my partner riding bicycle down the streets of Norway admiring the view. I felt so alive, free and extremely happy, one can’t describe the real feeling but it, it felt so real and true. I couldn’t wait to tell my partner about this awesome dream.

When I told my partner I realized only I experienced the true feeling about the dream. She didn’t look excited as I was. So the day past without thinking of it again. The next day in the office I started to imagine what it would be like being a traveler, one to see the world and to explore new places that not all people can experience. Then I felt that happiness again, can’t stop thinking about it. When I got home from office, I went online and browsed for traveling blogs and read about 40 pages of people’s experiences as a traveler.  I studied the ideas and advise to become one of them. I started going on maps to see where all the places are where these people visited. Then I took a change to see if my bicycle ride down the streets of Norway could be possible, and there I find the place where my dream played off. That felt so good to know that what I was dreaming actually exists.

Now every day for the past month I go online and explore places via maps and pictures. Wishing every day that I could just pack my stuff and be off to my dream to become a traveler.

The thing is, there are so many things that hold me back from doing it. Every day I tried to find a way to get rid of all the things that keep me from going after my dream, but I fail every day. At night I lay awake because I know what my dream is but I can’t get there and achieve it.

My life become meaningless for me, because everyone around me trying to force me in another life that I don’t want to live. It’s getting harder every day, I started studies that I know I don’t want to do, but if I don’t I won’t succeed in my life that I am living now. There is so many signs that tells me to go for my dream to find the real me and for who I am.

This thought just doesn’t want to fade away and it’s very hard to ignore. I will keep on trying to achieve my dream, till I have made the first step booking my flight out of the country.


Did you ever had a dream that felt so real? If you did, What did you do and did it change your life?

Please tell us about it and share your experiences with us.